LuckyStars App

Launched in Aug. ’16, LuckyStars is perhaps India’s leading App that gives away gifts. In the first year, gifts worth more than 1.2 INR Crore were given away to over 17000 winners.

With features like Contests, Quizzes, Bids & Games, LuckyStars is galloping ahead on the popularity chart. The App joined the ‘1 Million Download’ Club’ with a year of launch!   A free to download app, it is available on both, the Android and iOS platforms.

LuckyStars App

The Objectives

To build Brand Awareness
To build Brand
Drive App Installs
Drive App
Optimize the cost per install
Optimize the cost
per install

The Campaigns

Multiple campaigns were run across Digital & Social Media.
One cannot dispute the ‘Luck’ factor in our everyday lives. The element of Luck associated with
the App was harped upon and promoted, to garner App installs.

#WeAreOne Campaign

Achieved 3 Million organic impressions within an hour’s time.

To amplify the campaign, a contest was held on Twitter. It created a surge in the hashtag consumption of #WeAreOne which crossed 1.7 Million reach by the end of the contest. Due to the high consumption, the hashtag got featured in the auto-typing category on Twitter.

In-app promotion was also done to enable app users to participate in the contest. Overall, 9600 App users showed interest in the contest.

Campaign Result









LuckyStars App - Celebrating 1 year

Optimization for
App Install Campaigns

This was run across multiple platforms and resulted in the dropping of
Cost Per App Registration by 71%.

LuckyStars App - Optimization for App Install Campaigns

Effective and best practices were implemented for the App promotion using Search Engine Marketing. The campaignswere targeted at multiple audiences. This strategy helped analyze the variation of CPI based on different demographics and psychographics and accordingly daily ad spends were managed and media plans executed.

With Google Adwords, the CPI was optimized significantly from Rs.42.19 to Rs.13.63 & Cost per App registration optimized by almost 71%: It came down to Rs.41.94  from Rs.147.70, within a span of 9 months of the campaign.

Over Facebook, avg. CPI was optimized to Rs.14.70. Many third party independent ad networks like Ad Chakra, Taskbuck, etc. were used to acquire more users in a cost-efficient way. 

Various in-App events like App-Install, App-Registration, etc. were incorporated with the campaigns, to determine the user behavior and online install funnel. This revised user on-boarding process brought down the user fall-out from install to registration phase.

App Store Optimization & meticulous
Online Reputation Management practices.

App Rating achieved:

LuckyStars App - App Rating

In-App features like ‘Contests’ enabled users to win big gifts. However, since the total number of winners was significantly lower than the non-winners, a lot of negative sentiments were expressed across various digital platforms such as social media channels, official websites & PlayStore.

Such negative comments needed to be promptly addressed with effective communication. With pre-framed strategic replies, negative sentiments were neutralized and best App Store Optimization practices increased the App visibility significantly.

Users with positive feedback got motivated to generate positive conversations around the App over the digital arena. This channelized approach made people to share more positive words which resulted in upsurging of the app rating. App rating crossed +4.1 on PlayStore with more than +14,000 user reviews & +26,000 user ratings. Also, strict moderation on social media platforms kept sentiment ratio around 26:0 (Positive:Negative).